Do. 22/03/2018 20:00h
Martin Krusche spricht

Reading and Exhibition

SPLITTERWERK and Friends present
Martin Krusche spricht
Icarus on Asphalt. The Rage. A Text.

Project Space, St. Peter-Pfarrweg 30, 13th Floor, Door 56, 8042 Graz
Entrance: 19:00 / Start: 20:00


It is possible to visit the exhibition with the documentation Martin Krusche spricht
Fridays 17:00-20:00 and Saturdays 14:00-17:00
30.03.2018 – 19.05.0218
08.06.2018 (Architekturtage Graz)
15.06.0218 - 23.06.0218

Free Admission
M a r t i n  K r u s c h e  (born in 1956) writer, is living as a freelance artist since 1977, working on conceptual art. He is running an Art Under Net Condition, combining various genres. Since 2003, the early exponent of an Austrian net culture scene is working on his long-term project "The Long Distance Howl", which is planned for 20 years. Krusche´s current focus is on the topic of popular culture, pop culture and contemporary art in order to explore the junctions and interdependencies of these genres. This happens by the activities of the "Kuratorium für triviale Mythen" (curatorship of trivial myths): www.austria-forum.org/vum

S P L I T T E R W E R K :  Project Space + Permanent Exhibition + Publishing + Collection + Archive + Ateliers. 

The internationally active Atelier SPLITTERWERK was founded in Graz in 1988 and since then has established itself as a brand for fine arts with it's independent positions within contemporary architecture as one of the world's meaningful collectives. Since 2015 the idea exists to make the headquarters of SPLITTERWERK in the skyscraper on St. Peter-Pfarrweg 30 more accessible to the interested public. Since then a permanent exhibition with selected works of the Atelier's formation, it's project archive, library and studio workplaces has been established on the premises. From June 2017 onward the project space will start with it's program. Edith Hemmrich and Mark Blaschitz will give their current and very personal insight into their world with a selection of both new and established positions of their local and international environment.

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